Towers is made with 60,3mm x 2,5mm S355 High tensile Tubes with 32mm x 2,5mm S355 tubes for the brazing works on the medium duty towers. 60.3mm x 4mm S355 High tensile is used with 38.1mm x 2.5mm S355 High tensile on the heavy duty towers. Flanges is laser cut using 16mm steel, bolted together with 3 x 20mm grade 8,8 high tensile bolts per flange.

This tower face is 1100mm wide from centre-to-centre of vertical pipes.

The structure is hot dip galvanized to International standards, no paint is needed as a protection against the elements but can be added if needed (Red/Orange & White to aviation specifications.)

MasterTowers can supply and install aircraft warning lights on request.

Earth mat cable & Spikes can also be supplied & installed by MasterTowers on request.

This tower comes in a “Knock-Down” kit for easy transport and handling on site – see gallery for pictures.

a 24m tower can easily be loaded on a normal 1 Ton pick-up “bakkie” weighing about 950kg for a 24m tower with all the bolts & nuts included.

Engineered designed from 12m – 25m

This is a free standing structure.

This tower can handle loads up to 2m2, with a wind speed of 40m/s.

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