Made with 42,9mm x 2,5mm S355 High tensile Tubes & 10mm roundbar for the lattice works on the medium duty towers. 12mm roundbar is used on the heavy duty towers. All the flanges used to bolt the 3m sections together is laser cut and is bolted together with 9 x M12 grade 8,8 high tensile bolts per 3m section.

Structure is hot-dip Galvanized to international standards, no paint is needed as a protection against the elements but can be added if needed (Red/Orange & White to aviation specifications)

MasterTowers can supply and install Aircraft warning lights to the tower on request.

MasterTowers can also supply & install Earth mat cable & spikes as a down conductor on request.

Engineered designed from 6m – 60m with a 300kg top load.

This tower is free standing up to 15m with a 300kg top load and a 150mm deflection.

From 18m up galvanized steel guy ropes is used.

This design can handle loads up to 3m2, and can handle wind speeds up to 40m/s.

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